• Registration No. S/21833 of1977-78 (West Bengal Societies Registration Act, 1961)
  • FCRA registration No: 147110044 of 1985


Women Empowerment

BSSK has always strived for involving women in the development activities of the organisation. It is strongly considered that women can bring about holistic change in the entire family status if they are given appropriate orientation and allowed to take part in development activities. BSSK has facilitated women from the communities for formation of Self Help Groups (SHG) and link them with group business development. Apart from that, the women group members have been trained on health, nutrition, child care, education & protection of their children along with guidance on individual and group business development. The members of the women groups have also been active in spreading awareness in the communities on basic health & hygiene issues, disaster preparedness and protection of children from vulnerabilities. Some of the groups have started with goat and hen rearing and selling them in the market as part of the group based business. BSSK has provided them with training on organic farming which they have started with their own kitchen garden at home.

Further to this, BSSK intends to strengthen the women groups for effective management of climate change issues along with promotion of individual entrepreneurship. Orienting the SHGs on effective management of domestic and gender based violence would add value to the existing practices among the women.