Activities at A Glance


    arrow  Health checkup.
    arrow  Curative treatment both Homeopathy & Allopathy systems.
    arrow  Referral services and pathological support
    arrow  Health awareness campaigns
    arrow  Training of adolescents through peer group
    arrow  Dental screening and awareness programme
    arrow  Safe drinking water and low cost latrine construction




Mother and Child



    arrow  Supplementary nutrition support
    arrow  Nutrition education
    arrow  Home based nutrition care and management






    arrow  Provision of school fees, text books and special coaching as and         when needed
    arrow  Training on social and environmental issues


Child Education

Community Dev

    arrow  Organizing women and youth in developmental program
    arrow  Direct material benefit through sponsorship program
    arrow  Alternative livelihood of poor families dependent on natural resources
    arrow  Enhancement of income of poor families through income generation         program
    arrow  Empowering disadvantage women through Self Help groups
    arrow  Enhancing usage of solar energy by providing solar light

Disaster Management

    arrow  Disaster Management and Relief
    arrow  Housing for flood affected families and shelter support


Programme Activities

 Child sponsorship program

Child sponsorshipBSSK has been conducting a Child Sponsorship Program to develop an enabling environment for the growth of "Healthy Educated Self-Reliant Youth" since 1983. The program is supported by Children International, Kansas City, USA, through SAHAY, Kolkata. The main focus of this programme is underprivileged children and youths. Their families are supported to improve their quality of life. The Programme strongly advocates the rights of the child. There are presently 420 sponsored children in the programme.


 Child sponsorship program

HealthThe following health related services to the community were provided during the year.
 arrow Charitable Allopathy clinic for sponsored children and their families providing consultation and medicines.
 arrow Charitable Homeopathy clinic for sponsored & non-sponsored children and their families.
 arrow Annual health checkup of all sponsored children below 12 years age
 arrow Support for referral treatment and diagnostic tests for all non-sponsored children
arrow Regular health education camps for children / mothers / community members on personal hygiene, diarrhoea management, worm infestation, and adolescent health.
arrow Growth monitoring of all sponsored children below 12 years.
arrow Family welfare and planning advices for the targeted population
arrow Provision of safe drinking water through installation of tube wells with platforms
arrow Construction of sanitary latrines for individual sponsored families

 Child sponsorship program

Charitable Homeopathy Clinic is conducted at the complex of BSSK by BHMS doctor on Thursday & Saturday to Monday from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. The clinic attendance during the year was 1769 which included both sponsored as well as non sponsored patients. The table below gives the breakup -

 Homeopathy Clinic

 Table 1

 Allopathic Clinic

The Allopathic clinic is used for annual health checkup, curative treatment and as a referral unit of Homeopathy clinic. Every Tuesday the weekly allopathic clinic is conducted at the complex of Baikunthapur Sishu Seva Kendra and attended by a MBBS doctor. Patients are referred to specialists and government hospitals from the h clinic as and when required. Total number of attendance to the clinic was 522 which was attended by both sponsored as well as non sponsored patients. The details are enumerated in the table below -

 Table 2

 Allopathic Clinic

Other health care services included annual health checkups and referral treatments.

 Table 3

 Allopathic Clinic

To improve environmental sanitation in the operational area, during the year BSSK has constructed sanitary latrines for 2 sponsored families. Primary health education awareness was provided to 494 sponsored children.

 Allopathic Clinic

A number of selected youths were provided this training. The objective was to make the youths (both sexes) aware about the issues of adolescent period. They were specially oriented on issues like "Reproductive Anatomy and Reproductive Hygiene", "Pregnancy & Parenthood", "Contraceptives", "HIV/AIDS, sexually transmitted diseases, unprotected sex and prevented measures. This year 8 sponsored youths have received "Peer Educators" training on adolescent health related issues and concerns. These adolescents in turn trained 55 sponsored and 17 non-sponsored youths.

 Allopathic Clinic

Details of education program under BSSK are as follows -

   arrow School stationary kit provided to 481 sponsored children
   arrow School fees to 329 sponsored children (Class IX onwards)
   arrow School books to 481 sponsored children (Class V onwards)
   arrow Hope scholarship to 25 sponsored youths for higher education
   arrow Base Plus support to 186 sponsored youth (Class IX & X)
   arrow Special Education Assistance to 7 sponsored youths for higher       education




 Nutrition Support

Sponsored children in the age group 6 - 11 years were provided a meal through fourteen feeding centers. Supplementary nutritious food was provided to moderate and severely undernourished sponsored children in the age group 6-11 years through nine feeding centers. These feeding centers were managed by mothers of undernourished sponsored children. Growth monitoring of these children were carried out on a monthly basis. Quarterly growth monitoring was undertaken for children below 12 years with mild undernutrition and normal nutrition status. Nutrition education was imparted to children, adolescents and mothers in the community. .Nutrition education imparted to all mothers in the community.

   arrow Nutrition support provided to the sponsored children under the SAHAY program during the last financial year were as follows -

 Table 4

 Material Support

   arrow Material support provided to beneficiaries under the project during the past one year were -

 Table 5

 Activities of Youth Groups

26 Youth Groups were organized with the help of the sponsored and non sponsored trained adolescents. The objective of the groups was to create self-reliant youth and to improve leadership skills among them. Regular meeting of the Youth Groups were organized. The youths participated in an art contest in Central Youth Council activities.

 Activities of Youth Groups

Regular meetings of the Child Group were organized. They took part in art contest, nutrition and health awareness program and sporting activities. These activities help grow habits in working in a group. Beside this, they are oriented about the activities of Youth Group.

 Activities of Youth Groups

Mr. Hrishikesh Chowdhury is a retired engineer settled in USA. He is very keen on improving socio-economic status of poor village women. He has been supporting a program to organize them through Self Help Groups since 2005. He provided 'Seed Capital' for income generation support to poor SHG women so that they can achieve sustainable economic growth and empowerment.

Following IGP supports were provided to poor SHG women in sixty five SHG groups with 756 members are being benefitting from this.

 Table 6

Through his generous contribution and inspiration, a solar lamp assembly unit was established. The lamps are now provided to the community through SHGs. The unit also services these lamps. So far 414 solar lamps have been assembled and this year 11 solar lamps were distributed.

 Chick project

BSSK has so far provided 12,347 chicks to the 571 SHG local beneficiaries. Last year 5880 chicks were distributed among 267 SHG mothers. Through this project families maintain poultry to meet their own requirement of eggs and meat and sell the excess in the market to meet other needs of the family. This l help the beneficiary families becoming self dependent and economically strong.


 ASHA Training

Training facilities have been set up to organize different trainings. The training center has facilities for providing residential training to a batch of 80 trainees. BSSK has separate accommodation for trainers. Teaching aids like LCD projector, stand screen, digital camera, laptop and amplifiers are available. CINI (Child In Need Institute) organizes it's ASHA training programme here on a regular basis. During the year18 batches comprising 408 ASHAs from South 24 Parganas district were trained


 ASHA Training

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