Past Programs of BSSK


We have started TRICKLE-UP Programme during the year for hundred poor families at Bhubaneswari village of Gurguria-Bhubaneswari Gram Panchayat.

Objectives of the programme are as follows:

 arrow To organize & empower neglected poor women specially widows through SHG groups. To insist the groups to create savings for every group
 arrow To provide micro-credit system among the group members from their savings.
 arrow To provide capacity building of poor group mothers by various training suitable for them.
 arrow To provide small IGP support to selected mother to enhance their family income substantially.
 arrow To linkage the group with Banks to avail loan, subsidy and other facilities for extension of business for group members.
 arrow To increase the respect of neglected women in their families. Finally to lead the group member's self-sufficiency by increasing their family income gradually.



Our society has been selected by Sundarban Development Board for execution of "Rain Water Harvesting through land shaping scheme" in 2008. The objectives of the project are as follows:

 arrow To preserve surface water as well as excess rain water through pond excavation.
 arrow To develop low land to a proper height for purpose of crop production in multiple way.
 arrow To increase production of Paddy.
 arrow To increase production of vegetable as well as fruits.
 arrow To increase production offish by proper pisciculture in newly excavated land.
 arrow To convert monocrop land into multicrop land.
 arrow To improve socio-economic condition of poor farmers by enhancing their income in multiple way through the scheme.

We have extended our activities under the scheme in Patharpratima, Mathurapur I & II beside our Kultali block.


WWF Programme funded by WWF India, Sundarban Programme office

Objectives of the proposed project are..

 arrow To reduce poor families dependency on forests and rivers.
 arrow To create awareness about conservation of nature as well as preservation of Biodiversity of Sundarban area.
 arrow To arrange alternative livelihood for nature dependant poor families.
 arrow To insist people/groups for mangrove/tree plantation suitable for the area.
 arrow To create better environment in Sundarban areas.
 arrow To prevent unwilling clash people with wild animals.
 arrow To organize poor people through SHGs.
 arrow To provide capacity building of SHG members regarding their alternative livelihood IGP support.
 arrow To guide and assist the SHG group members socio economic self sufficiency.

We have selected Nagenabad & Kishorimohanpur villages for WWF programme because more than 60% families of the villages depend on surrounding rivers and local forests of Sundarban for their livelihood. They are collecting wood from Sundarban forests and catching fishes, crabs, sreem seeds from nearby rivers. We have already provided 43 families of Nagenabad village. During the year we have provided alternative livelihood support for 55 families of kishorimohanpur village. We have organized 12 SHG groups at Nagenabad & Kishorimohanpur villages from WWF supported families. We have provided necessary SHG training for the selected family members.



Child TraffickingKultali is a trafficking zone of adolescent girls. From here adolescent poor girls are being trafficked to kolkata and other cities to work as a domestic worker in families. They left school due to poverty. We are trying to create a trafficking free zone to our island. To achieve the goal we have already started four bridge course centers at our island. We have successfully broad back 29 working adolescent girls from kolkata. They have ail admitted in our four bridge course schools. We have also admitted 86 school drops out girls, who are waiting for trafficking in our four bridge course school. After completion of one year's education in bridge course centers the adolescent girls will receive vocational training for self employment. We have also set up anti-trafficking committee both at Maipith Baikunthapur & Gurguria Bhubaneswari Gram Panchayet to prevent trafficking of adolescent girls from Maipith Island. We are creating a mass campaign in community to prevent trafficking. They parents, the school going children, teachers, panchayet members. Political leaders, Local ICDS & ANM staff played vital role to prevent trafficking as well as made the project.


Objectives of the project are as below-

 arrow To create awareness among the people including the members of mainstream local institution (MLIs) regarding their role and responsibilities. The MLIs are Gram unnayan      samity(GUS), VEC ,SSK committee, ICDS committee and Sub Health centre committee at panchayet level.
 arrow To create demand by the people for the better governance and overall development.
 arrow To capacitate mainstream local institutions (MLIs) through trainings meetings seminars exposure trip etc to become more effective.
 arrow To establish effective linkage between MLIs and their counterpart institutions at GP and Block level so that necessary supports and resources flow to them.


Project area

The whole Maipith Island,Maipith baikunthapur and Gurguria Bhubaneswari gram panchayet of the Island.


Activity of the project

Base line survey:
During the period we have started base line survey for our targeted five MLIs. We have started survey to know their present status and condition. The base line report will reflect the lacuna of activities of the said MLIs. We shall try to prevent the lacuna by properly guiding them. We shall try to create more active the important MLIs at the panchayet level.


Exposure trip

We had arranged an exposure trip for five days for our eleven SDTT staff along with pradhans, members and staff of Maipith Baikunthapur and Gurguria Bhubaneswari gram panchayets in Bofpur at Lok Katyan Parisad. We, along with our panchayet representatives, have observed that how NGO can work panchayet raj institutions with partnership for sustainable