• Registration No. S/21833 of1977-78 (West Bengal Societies Registration Act, 1961)
  • FCRA registration No: 147110044 of 1985


Our Mission is the sustainable development of marginalized and vulnerable people to improve quality of life through empowerment, education, information, infrastructure development, healthcare provision and economic self-reliance through convergence of services provided by local self-governments.
BSSK stands on the overall objective to ensure holistic sustainable development of the community with emphasis on distressed women and children in the Sundarbans region of West Bengal.


Our Vision is to secure a society where all people enjoy equal rights and access to equal opportunities.

Organisation Values

  • Equality - We believe all people should be treated equal, and do not discriminate against any person regardless of race, religion, gender or social background.
  • Respect -We are committed to treating all staff, beneficiaries and stakeholders with the utmost respect at all times.
  • Service Beyond Self - We work for the well-being of others and will endeavour in our efforts to serve communities as best we can.
  • Transparency - We are committed to operating in a transparent and honest manner at all times.
  • Accountability - We take full responsibility and accountability for our actions.

About The Organisation

Baikunthapur Sishu Seva Kendra, a not-for profit organization was founded in 1978 to address the community needs of coping up with the natural disasters as well as accessing basic minimum health care support. Being located at the extreme last point of Maipith, Baikunthapur in Sunderbans region, the people had no access to health services and government health centres were situated at a distant location. The Founder of BSSK Late Panchugopal Mondal was trying to find out some ways to support the communities. At such point of time, he came in contact with the Founder of Child in Need Institute (CINI), Dr. Samir Narayan Chaudhuri and urged him to extend some support for the communities in Maipith area.
It was in 1978, BSSK was registered under the West Bengal Societies Registration Act. CINI as mother organization started provisioning some support to BSSK to address maternal and child health & nutrition in the remotest part of Sunderbans. BSSK is a non-government organization. Its tenets are secular, non-political, non-profit making and social welfare. The organization gives utmost importance to welfare of women, children, youth and vulnerable sections to establish their rights and empowerment process. Our main emphasis is on community health, education, income generation and community development.

What We Do

We believe what we achieve

Education And Protection

Providing age-appropriate education to the underprivileged children across the Sunderban region remained a priority for BSSK. During last 40 years, the organisation has supported over One ...

Health & Hygiene

Preventive and curative health care, both are being taken into consideration by BSSK for the intervention communities. Kultali is one of the most vulnerable Blocks ...

Women Empowerment

BSSK has always strived for involving women in the development activities of the organisation. It is strongly considered that women can bring about holistic change ...

Health & Nutrition

Preventive and curative health care, both are being taken into consideration by BSSK for the intervention communities. Kultali is one of the most vulnerable Blocks ...

Training & Capacity Building

ASHA Training BSSK is the one of the certified organisations to facilitate ASHA training under the National Health Mission. Training facilities have been set up ...

Learning Exposure in Sunderbanas with BSSK

Sundarban Echo Tourism BSSK provides learning exposure for students, researchers and visitors to know about Sunderbans. This is an unique scope to learn about eco-system ...

Climate Change

Facilitating Adolescents for Improved Health and Hygiene Practice and Promote Climate Resilient Communities Purpose of the Project This intervention is being implemented involving adolescents studying ...

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We believe what we achieve